Thursday, February 22, 2018

Utility commission and Chickens?

Today I wrote about Cynthia Olsen and her work in getting Boulder City to have Chickens. (Click here to read it).

One of the things Cytnhia told me as she recounted her story was that she was not the only one working on this effort. She mentioned that others were working at the same time to get the Chickens law changed.  She was one of several that came together at the right time to make a change.

I feel this is happening again with the Utility commission. I give a lot of credit to many that are making this happen. Dale Napier may not have been the first but I remember distinctly his October article calling for a utility commission (Read it here). Warren Harhay has met with citizens to begin to get things in line to make this happen. I went to the last meeting he held on February 5th, and he, Councilman Mcmanus and many others began to do the very monotonous work of filling in details of how this commission will be set up. And this week our local paper editor, Hali Saylor, added her voice to those supporting this idea. (Read her article hear). Others have worked on this as well. I think these little side, non-noticed efforts are some of the most important work in community government. Long before the first city utility commission meeting is held, and before they can make their first controversial decision there will be hundreds of hours of work just to bring them into existence.

Just as the work paid off for Cynthia Olsen and many, like myself, get to enjoy our Chickens. I hope city council will do the right thing and set up this commission. I think they will and the utility commission will happen, and will be a great benefit to our city.


  1. Napier, not Naiper. I'm pretty sure I was the first to talk about the utilities commission - I suggested it to Warren Harhay last May, before the final election. He was the one who saw the value of the commission as a buffer. We began a strategy that ended with presenting it publicly at the town hall, and you can see where it's gone from there. - Dale

  2. Sorry about the spelling I will fix it. I am glad you have been pushing for it, it is a very good idea.

  3. Thanks, Nathaniel. There are interesting questions about how the BCUC will interact with the city council and staff, but I see it as comparable to the Planning Commission in most respects. The BCUC should be sent all utility questions for recommendation before they go to the city council; it should be available for specific assistance that the council requests; and it should be able to pursue its own inquiries. The commission must establish itself from the beginning as professional and diplomatic in order to receive the respect it needs to be effective. If that occurs it will be a great addition to the community's governance.