Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Worry vs. Gratitude?

Today my last article for the Boulder City Review. For various reasons I have chosen to step back and stop writing for the paper. I have loved it and want to thank those who have let me interview them and mostly thank the editor, Hali, for giving me the chance.

The link to my latest column is Here. The purpose is to try to promote taking time to realize how grateful we should be. Since I was little I have been taught to control my emotions. Seems simple, do things like, think positively, avoid anger, count my blessings, develop an attitude of gratitude. These are cliche, yet wise. And if I were to ask you which feeling or emotion you should develop, worry or peace, discontentment or gratitude? Universally, I think you would answer, peace and gratitude. Unfortunately, many of the things we fill our lives with drive us to worry and discontentment.

I don’t care which side of the isle you are on but watch Fox News or MSNBC for a day and tell me which emotions this kindles or which emotions are they trying to evoke. For some reason politics is a realm where people are constantly filled with worry about future policies and politicians or discontentment with the current ones. We all seem to view politics from a negative light. Yet it is supposed to be a county, “for the people, by the people”. And mostly, that is exactly what we have. Is it perfect? No. Has it made an incredibly wonderful nation that has far more good than bad? I think so.

So, take some time to reflect on how wonderful our freedoms, policies and even some politicians are, once and a while. It will help you find more peace and gratitude, in a world that is truly worth being grateful for.

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