Saturday, June 17, 2017

Financially Different

My blog has mostly been about two major topics, Boulder City politics and encounters with the homeless. In order to make a successful blog it is important to be cohesive and there is nothing too cohesive about Boulder City politics and homeless people. In fact, an overwhelming percentage of people involved in Boulder City politics have homes.

So, I have had plans to break off into two different blogs, but this would require too much effort, so I am doing the next best thing. I am adding new things to write about so as to make my blog more eclectic than ever. The only cohesiveness will be in the lack of cohesion. Although, the new topic is money and homeless people usually lack money and politicians overspend it, so now it all ties together.

The first addition I will make is on the topic of financially different, or looking at finances differently. Money is something we all deal with and something I have written about a lot in my own journal and have decided to add to the blog.

The first set of post’s (who knows how many I will get to) will be on financial myths.

These include:
                A penny saved is a penny earned
                You should live within your means
                Things are so expensive now a days
                If I earned more money I would be better off financially
                You should purchase as much home as possible
                Always carrying a payment on your home is a good idea 
                Pay yourself first is the secret to wealth
                If I had more money I would be less stressed/happier

Hope you enjoy.

Here's a link to myth #1  "A penny saved is a penny eared"


  1. Enjoying this topic just as much, if not more, than the others two. Tied it all together nicely, like a Tuesday.