Thursday, August 10, 2017


This week I wrote a few thoughts I had on the StoryBook contract vote. You can read the article Here.

However a few other thoughts to add.

1. After the vote I heard some people say and write that Councilman Harhay had gone against his campaign promises by voting for this. That seemed crazy to me as nothing about this contract went against any thing he had promised, as far as I could tell. After all this contract conforms 100% to the growth ordinance.

2. If you read my article you will see that if I had to vote I would have voted with Councilman Schuman and Councilman McManus for a few reasons I outline. But while I disagree with the vote I was super pleased with the process. We had very professional behavior and the council showed it can be divided, express clear opposing positions, vote the way they feel is best and move forward. I am proud to call each of them my leaders and think they are a great council.

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  1. Questions about Storybook-I read the contract at BC site. I don't see any restrictions on 30 houses to be built per year? Also, does the City Council and Mayor need to vote on variances, zone changes, code changes made to any real estate sold by the Boulder City to a private corporation, person, etc. after voted upon by either the people of Boulder City and/or the City Council? To me, this seems illegal as variances etc. change the what the people and/or Boulder City Council agreed to initially when selling the Boulder City owned property to the Corporation, individual person, etc.!