Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's a small town after all

My newest article ran today. It's all about connections. Connections are a funny thing. In business we call it networking, and we are encouraged endlessly to do it. In church we call it fellowship and it is equally encouraged. But somehow while we think we should do it and encourage others generally to do it, we also use it as a way to attack others. "He only got the job because of who he knows not what he knows." This idea of attacking connections has always bothered me and led me to my next article. Hope you enjoy. And as always if you agree or disagree leave me a comment to let me know what you think. I especially would love to hear from others in small towns.


  1. Good job. I like your conclusions. Very positive.

  2. It's true. The more you get to know someone, the more connections you'll discover. It's amazing how much we have in common than not, if we're willing to look. It's refreshing to read an opinion piece that has a positive slant when I'm sure it would be easy -- and fashionable -- to do otherwise. Thanks for taking the higher road, Nathaniel.

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